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Are you a charity trustee or PCC member?

Fulfilling such legal roles with skill and integrity is fundamental to the success of any charity or ministry, and can feel like a daunting task – but this need not be the case.

Sharing incisive examples from her own and others’ experience and looking at the lives and administrative gifts of Nehemiah and Daniel, Heather Wraight shows us how being a Christian trustee need not be a burden to carry but a privilege to fulfil. With clarity and precision, Heather outlines trustee responsibilities, both legal and otherwise, and provides carefully researched examples of how they can be met together with a comprehensive guide to further resources.

Whether it’s running and preparing for meetings, succession planning, overseeing budgets, or adjusting to statutory changes, this book reveals distinctive, well-worn tracks of trustworthiness that Christian trustees can confidently follow.

An enjoyable read, every trustee should have one!”

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    Heather Wraight

    Picture of Heather Wraight

    After getting an MTh in Theology and Ethics of Communication, Heather Wraight was Deputy Director of Christian Research where she undertook qualitative research alongside consultancy on vision, strategy and team dynamics.

    She has been a PCC Secretary, a deacon in a Baptist church and served as a trustee of various charities, including three as Chair.